Your Design

I will work with you to achieve the best design for you, while insuring it will pass all guidelines and requirements for your municipality. Everything required for your job site will be taken into account, from sprinkler system requirements and parking lot size, to accessibility and Americans with Disabilities requirements. We want your design to go through plan review with a minimum of adjustment.

Site Work

I primarily use one Prime Contractor here. Why? Because he's been doing dirt work since the Turner Turnpike was new. There is nothing he hasn't seen in his career and he catches problems before they have a chance to become problems. He can generally tell me exactly what type of soil we have in a given area because he has worked in the area several time before. 

Plumbing & HVAC

Same thing here: a life time of working in these two trades, one company, one family. It's worth a lot to know the plumber is going to take the gas line to where the heat and air guy actually needs it. These guys do because they are brothers. And if they occasionally get crosswise with each other, well, their dad will straighten it out. He also takes care of little things like getting sewer and water lines bored under the street and fire lines engineered and permitted.


Our building erection is fast, safe and correct. R-panel roof or standing seam, roll insulation or spray foam. Need a masonry veneer? Do you want split face block? or maybe you would rather have brick or EIFS? We can do it all.


Clearwater GC has an experienced, versatile concrete crew. Our contractors pride themselves on providing you with everything you need on a commercial job site at the highest quality. Paving, footings, floors, anchor bolts, recessed anchor bolts, lightweight concrete mezzanines, sunken docks, pits for dock levelers, curbs and driveways, we can do it.


We use only great electrical contractors - big enough to be able to do heavy commercial applications and small enough to know quality is job one. Whether you need a simple 120/208v service or a 277/480v service capable of handling industrial cranes and a heavy HVAC load I can provide it. From chandeliers to wall packs, switches to voice activated, it's all here. And quality, quality, quality; you can't say it enough. This is an area things can really go bad if you don't have the right guy. I Do.



Our contractors provide beautiful interior commercial construction. Steel stud walls, glass, custom staircases, kitchens, commercial vent hoods, and flooring. Suspended sheetrock ceilings or drop grid in 2×2 or 2×4. All solid core doors and  designed to meet or exceed current IBC requirements.


Your Builder

The right builder can not only save you time, but save you money. From design to delivery Clearwater GC is Your Turn Key Building Solution. We will be with you every step of the way. One company to take care of all your construction needs.